Thursday, November 13

Ultra-cool movie posters

Here's a link to a pretty cool list of movie posters. Check them out! In case you didn't want to, I'm going to borrow a few of them here. Man still marketing like this is where it's at Billboards, cover art, movie posters, magazine ads - so brilliant. I'll post one that's any good if I ever make one. Mine so far have been less than magnificent, unlike the following. (Like me, this blogger seems to have a thing for Christian Bale or Batman or both).

The best show on tv.

Pretty good movie - pretty great cast and posters.

One not from the list but almost certainly featured in part one of the author's series.
I can't wait to rock it this hard. Speaking of rocking it hard. Take this electronic band from Spain named Wings of Icaro they have been amazing me all night. Also, named after mythology. You know I'm going to like that. Check them out they publish their music for free with a creative commons license, download it, share it, all free.

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  1. I have the Denzel one up in my room. I was able to score one in summer 2007.