Monday, November 10

Family Fun

Today Mindy and I took a day trip to Mattawan to see the fam. We went down to Grandma and Grandpa Hegedus's for a family dinner where I got my hair cut (yes, I know that certain of you readers are very excited by that) and got to see Dad, Stacy, and Sierra's pictures from their missions trip to Jamaica the land of no problems.

After that we stopped by Uncle Tim's to see Grandpa before he took off for Texas. To our great delight and surprise, not only was Grandpa there but so was Sarah and Uncle Tim, so we hung out with them for quite a while (Mindy says I bored them nearly to tears with my ultra-fast rambling tech talk) and then we all played Rock Band on their Wii. So good.

Anyways, I am about ready for bed, but I wanted to say that I just finished my blog for Monday which is scheduled to be published at 10:00AM on the TatStore Blog which I have linked at right on my list of blogs that I'm following. If however you would like to access just my blogs sorted out from the rest you can read them any time at I will probably suggest that blog just about every week if I think it's something that some of you might be interested in. This week, last week, and some indeterminate weeks into the future I am exploring a series on efficient computing. Last week, I covered Cut, Copy, and Paste, and this week is about using tabs in a browser. Feel free to check them out anytime, and leave a comment here there or anywhere or email me at or

I love you all and hope that your weeks get off to a great start, Benn

PS. I would also urge you check out two other blogs from my close friends Jackson and Dan which you can find also at right named Considerations and Hannibal Ad Portas respectively. I have really enjoyed several of the posts on these blogs which explore technology, politics, sports and more.


  1. I just LOVE your writing, Benn!

    Keep it up!


  2. Hi Mom, lol

    Ever my biggest fan :) Anyways, Mindy kindly noticed that my link to my own blog did not work. So I fixed it. If you go to that link you can see just the blogs that I have written (the category/benn link).


  3. Shameless, just wait until you see my self-serving blog highlight reel that I'm going to install on this puppy when I get some time... Maybe this weekend. That will be shameless.