Tuesday, November 25

Hmm… what to write about?

Hmm… nothing comes to mind. Oh wait, Friday.

Well, Mindy and I had just had a fabulous time at the Griffins's game, our second D-Zone game, and we wanted to go hang out with Devan and Ben since we hadn't seen them since they left for their honeymoon (congratualtions yous guys). So we get almost all the way down there, stop for pizza, and we come out and our car won't start. Which is a problem by itself, but a bigger problem since I had just taken my car into the shop that day, and it was done but I couldn't pick it up until after the weekend.

So there we were with a car that wouldn't start, and another car in the shop. Thankfully we have wonderful family already who could help us out, but I wanted to get the car to the shop so I called a tow truck. He got there in no time flat, but he wanted to know what the car was doing. So I hopped in and tried to start it - once, twice, nothing. It doesn't even make a sound, it isn't trying to turn over or anything, just nothing. Then I turn it a third time just for kicks, and it starts right up. I couldn't believe it.

We decided to drive it home and we would just hope that it started today to bring it in. I am happy to report that it did start, and I was able to drive it to my guy who had the 240 ready for me to take home. Unfortunately, God had decided to pelt us with a very beautiful, but very slippery s-ton of snow. So my little car, which runs phenomenally well now, slipped and slid and fishtailed all over the place barely making it up hills (usually completely sideways). I am so thankful to have that car though.

Anyways, Mindy had been making fun of my car ever since Uncle Tim first loaned it to me. Omg, we have to get you another one, that is going to break down. So I promised her I would make fun of her that her car broke down before mine. LOL

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  1. I'm so glad you were with me when it broke! I expact all manner of sarcasm and making fun of, but I really appreciate you taking care of me :) i love you