Thursday, April 16

Serious News

Two days ago, my uncle Mike died.
Two days before that he barely struggled through his last shower.
Two days before that he drove to work like any other day.

The above timeline was inspired by the actual words of his wife, my aunt, as she described the voracity of the cancer that was in the process of consuming her 42 year old husband. I was really affected by her telling of these events, and I hoped that I could capture it so you could feel the torture and confusion that filled her words Easter day.

Last weekend, Mindy and I were working at a home show in Novi when I got a call from Stacy telling me that my uncle Mike had cancer. In fact as it turns out, he was riddled with it. His lungs, his liver, his lymph nodes, his bones.

It really exposes the future for the empty illusion that it is. Remember to keep your life in order everyday. Remind someone you love what they mean to you today because that's the last thing they might have from you.

Tuesday, April 14

Stumbled Onto this Gem

So I stumbled onto this little gem the old fashioned way. I am trying to work on that guy's logo and I wanted to pursue a sound wave angle so I did a google image search for sound lines, and I found this (make sure to click to see full size).

Sound Wave Lines

I almost missed it, even though I was looking at it, I was so intent on analyzing the clarity of the sound waves, that I almost missed the point. Fortunately, I didn't quite overlook it. Thank you, and no StumbleUpon necessary.

Friday, April 10


So you need to watch this. I guarantee you'll chuckle at this shithead, that's what I guarantee. If could use a laugh make sure to read this article where I found this video on WOOT.

*Quick note: (check out youtube's new themed embedding options, brand new as far as I can tell)

The radio has delivered to little gems also that I am kind of embarrassed that I love. The first is a commercial for a show that's coming to DeVoss Hall on April 15. I know sounds sophisticated… What's more, it's performed by the Grand Rapids Symphony and Choir no less. I know, I know what you're asking. “How Benn, could you be embarrassed that you'd want to attend this?” Well, I'll tell you how. Because it's Distant Worlds, the score from the hit, epic video game phenomenon, Final Fantasy. So that's one thing, but in addition Nobuo Uematsu, the composer, will actually be in attendance. Finally, they will actually be projecting some of the most epic scenes from the video game series on the big screens behind the symphony. Check it out here if you'd like, I know I would.

The second thing I love that the radio has delivered to me is a deep and fulfilling enjoyment of the folky-rock band Kings of Leon, particularly the single Sex on Fire. I'm only embarrassed about this because my desire for folky sounding rock and roll is insatiable and completely predictable. I suggest, if you like me burn with lust for this genre, take a listen.

Oh and lastly, the glories of socialist economic stimulus payments leftover from last year rain from the heavens like mana.

Wednesday, April 8

Thursday, April 2

Thanks to Mindy, I Have to Post This

So, sadly, thanks to Mindy leaking information on facebook. I guess I have to post this.

As it turns out, I too had an e-mail read of the FreeBeer and HotWings morning show (the best show on the planet). Unfortunately for me, it went over a little less well for me than it did for Mindy. Much to her amusement.

FreeBeer is having some issues surrounding whether or not he wants kids. His wife told him as she walked out the door that she wanted to adopt this year, which kind of threw him into a bit of a spin, as it would many men. All in all he's not sure what he wants to do, and he talked about it on the radio.

I know for a fact that he thinks very highly of his father, in my opinion, exceptionally highly, and I thought that while it's easy to see how much you will miss playing video games all day long and driving awesome cars, it's harder to see the benefits to having children. So, I thought that if I asked him to think of how much his father means to him and then think about how special that would be to have a son or daughter who thinks that of him. I know that that is part of the reason why I look forward to having children of my own.

Unfortunately, I clogged that up with a bunch of other stuff in the e-mail which I think distracted him from that message. Which, as it turns out, lead them to flame me pretty well.

Of course, they seem to have been able to extract some amazing insight into what an asshole I am from a very short e-mail.


If the above player, doesn't work click here: My Email

Mindy wanted to share that her favorite part is when HotWings does his impression of me, and I simply wonder how he knew I have such a gay voice and am a gigantic dork… we will never know.

I wanted to share that everytime I listen to this it's like getting punched in the throat while standing in front of my high school class naked.