Friday, April 10


So you need to watch this. I guarantee you'll chuckle at this shithead, that's what I guarantee. If could use a laugh make sure to read this article where I found this video on WOOT.

*Quick note: (check out youtube's new themed embedding options, brand new as far as I can tell)

The radio has delivered to little gems also that I am kind of embarrassed that I love. The first is a commercial for a show that's coming to DeVoss Hall on April 15. I know sounds sophisticated… What's more, it's performed by the Grand Rapids Symphony and Choir no less. I know, I know what you're asking. “How Benn, could you be embarrassed that you'd want to attend this?” Well, I'll tell you how. Because it's Distant Worlds, the score from the hit, epic video game phenomenon, Final Fantasy. So that's one thing, but in addition Nobuo Uematsu, the composer, will actually be in attendance. Finally, they will actually be projecting some of the most epic scenes from the video game series on the big screens behind the symphony. Check it out here if you'd like, I know I would.

The second thing I love that the radio has delivered to me is a deep and fulfilling enjoyment of the folky-rock band Kings of Leon, particularly the single Sex on Fire. I'm only embarrassed about this because my desire for folky sounding rock and roll is insatiable and completely predictable. I suggest, if you like me burn with lust for this genre, take a listen.

Oh and lastly, the glories of socialist economic stimulus payments leftover from last year rain from the heavens like mana.

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  1. Dude. Final Fantasy concert. EPIC! I'm envious, you should TOTALLY go. I think video games have some of the best (contemporary) music. Ever heard of the Video Games Live traveling concert? It's apparently pretty amazing. ^_^