Wednesday, December 31

The Price I Pay

I guess Snow Plows being my only driving company is a small price to pay for the luxury of getting to work at nearly noon…

We have a big product launch at work today that I'm really excited about. That's why I'm just getting home now. Anyways, I'll tell you how it goes some other time.

MVP Master Plus from

Sunday, December 28

Video Game Design Between 1990-2008 and On…

I ran across a cool article which documents the graphical progress of video games over the past twenty years. I rest assured that all of my self-proclaimed geeky friends will find this as riveting as I did.

As you can see by my comment I was surprised that Donkey Kong didn't make the list. I feel that the SNES, and Donkey Kong in particular were huge steps in the graphical expectations for video games, and possibly the last great left-to-right platformer. I also felt like Goldeneye was a bit snubbed. I think this guy is coming from a somewhat biased pc / playstation perspective. Notice the comment above mine who's child was born on the 19th. Rule! Best Birthday in the world.

It's Been a While

"Well, gosh, kind of a lot's happened since then."

For brownie points, name that movie in the comments, but name it with another famous quote from that movie so that subsequent readers can still play.

But seriously, Mindy and I went to Texas to celebrate Christmas, then we came back and went to Dad's to celebrate Christmas, then we had Christmas at her house, and now she is off in Wisconsin celebrating with her Dad. I have had a great time, and I'm so happy that we could are done traveling, but I'm missing Mindy very much.

There's a lot to say about while I was gone, but I think I have had a chance to talk to most of you about it who would care; so you'll have to forgive me for not going over it again here. One thing that is pertinent for this blog is that Mindy and I watched the entire third season of Dexter - the best show on television bar none. This past season starred Jimmy Smits who you would recognize from NYPD Blue fame. He was wonderful alongside Michael C. Hall, and this season was a return to glory that was season one (not as quite as great, but definitely on par).

Speaking of, I was wandering around the interwebs, exploring my somewhat closeted love for typography when I stumbled upon this article from I'm not so glib as to assume that most of you would have any interest in the direct subject matter of the article, which is accurate font replication, but the case study was of a fascinating marketing campaign by Showtime to promote Dexter. It seems that they parodied some of the most popular magazine covers, and they did a great job. I'm posting a few of my favorites here, but I insist that you visit the original source to see the full collection. Pay special attention to the dual storylines wittily presented by the headlines which mimic the tone of the show which make it so great.

In other news, I found a really awesome text-only poster while on that same typologically motivated tear. If you'd like to check out the other 29 read about it here at

Saturday, December 6

A couple recommendations

Two quick recommendations.

22 Practical Uses for Lightsabers

Check this free work from the band Hollus, very cool, and very free.

Friday, December 5

Proposal 8 - The Musical

While I often dislike Funny or Die content, I am forced to agree with AlexTheCritic Proposal 8 - The Musical is hilarious.

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

3 Things that are Small

3 things that are small… well one is about as big as you can get, but it's a small change that I'm specifically talking about. How's that for a tease?

One thing that is objectively small and insignificant is this blog. Thank you for reading, but I'm only talking to six people tops; so I'm just being realistic. However, it is its complete lack of importance which makes this anomaly so interesting. Actually, if my blog was huge, this occurrence would not surprise me at all. This occurrence - the fact that someone actually found my blog through the following search phrase "don't let your mouth make promises." Not only that but for that search phrase (including quotations), I hold the TOP TWO LISTINGS in google.

Look at what I beat! Google's own listing. How about that. What's more, that post is only about two weeks old.

Now, for me, this means nothing. But it is a proof of concept, that we can still make a mark on the world and that in some ways the internet is still the wide open. The same sort of thing happened to Chad a while back he was top dog for the search phrase "sa rnr" (San Antonio Rock and Roll marathon) and generated traffic on account of that search term. It's very cool and some special feeling to be tops on google (even for something admittedly stupid).

The second small item, I would say is even more amazing. Watch this video from a story called "It's a Small, Small World" which was featured on ABC World News Tonight. You absolutely will not believe this video.

Now the third small item, is a small change that got sneaked in with the massive redesign to youtube and google reader unveiled today. While you might have your own feelings about the redesign (particularly the youtube one which I dislike excepting the widescreen format), you probably didn't notice that you can now officially log in to youtube using your google account. The ability to link your existing youtube account with your google account just represents one more cog in the wheel of google dominance and convenience for its users.

Thursday, December 4

Easing of Budget Woes

Everyone has budgeting concerns around the holidays. Thankfully, my woes have been eased by Chad as I no longer need to buy him a Christmas present this year. You and he might be wondering, what is it that he could have done to earn such a fate. Oh, I'll tell you. Mindy and I sit down to watch the best show that exists on television - Dexter. If you aren't familiar with Dexter, you should be, so wise up. But here it will have to do to say that it is the most phenomenally addictive show that I have ever watched. More than Lost, more than Fringe. It's amazing… or at least it was UNTIL I WAS WATCHING A BLANK SCREEN BECAUSE HE HAD TO TAPE THE F-ING CLONE WARS!!! Which he already *owns* by the way (almost certainly multiple copies).

Now, I know at this point Chad is just about losing it with laughter because he can see me sitting there watching my pathetically small television that I got free from one of his bosses three years ago, hanging on every word, waiting to see how Dexter Morgan could possibly get out of this one, when the screen fades to the most desperately insulting gray-mauve I've ever seen, and he can see me getting up stomping around the house doing laps around my ludicrously small apartment cursing infuriated that I had been so masterfully denied pleasure. You see, he had earned some wonderful gift this year by in fact taking the time to actually record the entire season for me on DVD and then mailing it to me; however, he masterfully guaranteed himself a full stocking of coal when half way through the first episode the picture vanished leaving me with nothing but questions, naughty words, and an awful attitude.

Upon further consideration, I might additionally drag his stockings through a burr field not too unlike the soccer fields at the old Mattawan Elementary playground. Seriously, you have seen The Clone Wars approaching one billion times. ARRRGGGGGGG! [Wallows in rage and self-pity]

In other news, I did two little banner ads at work today that I am pretty proud of. I like the backgrounds particularly of the buy the whole set one, which is desaturated from the outsides in making an interesting vignette effect, that really makes the blue pop. *Quick note* Just because I am putting some of my work on this blog don't feel like I need compliments on it. I would actually prefer criticism, but they make me happy to look at so I thought I'd share them.

PS. This sale doesn't officially open until tomorrow at ten, but I have left the links in if you would like to purchase the pack (after ten feel free to read Bonnie's post Special sneak peek just for you guys. Ooooooooooo!

Tuesday, December 2

The best picture I've ever taken

This will be a quicky. As you can see from my tweets, Mindy and I spent our long Thanksgiving break looking for reception venues. We went out to the Kalamazoo Country Club, which is our most promising location since the Lawton Community Center. Once again, we forgot to bring the camera to take pictures to show.

Also, at work Bonnie had this great idea to suggest some DIY Christmas crafts using our Swarovski crystals. She put them on ornaments, candle holders, and even Christmas cards to add a unique and tasteful touch.

Anyways, I had to take pictures… It turns out that it's pretty tough to take a good product picture of a glass orb. In fact, they work like tiny convex hospital mirrors and actually show a reflection of the entire room in every shot. It was very frustrating. Fortunately for me, Bonnie had also purchased some frosted finish ornaments which were easier to photograph.

So I took the following picture, and by dumb luck it came out marvelously. I'm not much of a photographer so it was sheer luck that I happened to be reflecting the light properly to achieve this cool shot.


This is slightly photoshopped.

DIY Holiday Ornament

This is the original unaltered shot.