Thursday, December 4

Easing of Budget Woes

Everyone has budgeting concerns around the holidays. Thankfully, my woes have been eased by Chad as I no longer need to buy him a Christmas present this year. You and he might be wondering, what is it that he could have done to earn such a fate. Oh, I'll tell you. Mindy and I sit down to watch the best show that exists on television - Dexter. If you aren't familiar with Dexter, you should be, so wise up. But here it will have to do to say that it is the most phenomenally addictive show that I have ever watched. More than Lost, more than Fringe. It's amazing… or at least it was UNTIL I WAS WATCHING A BLANK SCREEN BECAUSE HE HAD TO TAPE THE F-ING CLONE WARS!!! Which he already *owns* by the way (almost certainly multiple copies).

Now, I know at this point Chad is just about losing it with laughter because he can see me sitting there watching my pathetically small television that I got free from one of his bosses three years ago, hanging on every word, waiting to see how Dexter Morgan could possibly get out of this one, when the screen fades to the most desperately insulting gray-mauve I've ever seen, and he can see me getting up stomping around the house doing laps around my ludicrously small apartment cursing infuriated that I had been so masterfully denied pleasure. You see, he had earned some wonderful gift this year by in fact taking the time to actually record the entire season for me on DVD and then mailing it to me; however, he masterfully guaranteed himself a full stocking of coal when half way through the first episode the picture vanished leaving me with nothing but questions, naughty words, and an awful attitude.

Upon further consideration, I might additionally drag his stockings through a burr field not too unlike the soccer fields at the old Mattawan Elementary playground. Seriously, you have seen The Clone Wars approaching one billion times. ARRRGGGGGGG! [Wallows in rage and self-pity]

In other news, I did two little banner ads at work today that I am pretty proud of. I like the backgrounds particularly of the buy the whole set one, which is desaturated from the outsides in making an interesting vignette effect, that really makes the blue pop. *Quick note* Just because I am putting some of my work on this blog don't feel like I need compliments on it. I would actually prefer criticism, but they make me happy to look at so I thought I'd share them.

PS. This sale doesn't officially open until tomorrow at ten, but I have left the links in if you would like to purchase the pack (after ten feel free to read Bonnie's post Special sneak peek just for you guys. Ooooooooooo!


  1. Not to mention that The Clone Wars is to the prequel trilogy as the prequel trilogy was to the original trilogy. You didn't think it was possible did you?

    As the great Admiral Ackbar once said, "Our brains can't repel stupidity of that magnitude!" Or something like that...

    P.S. Speaking of stupidity, I can't use the html code for underline in comments. Extra Strength Weaksauce.

  2. ps i took the tree ornament picture :)

  3. she did, it's true, however, the ornament she took a picture of was clear... lol