Tuesday, December 2

The best picture I've ever taken

This will be a quicky. As you can see from my tweets, Mindy and I spent our long Thanksgiving break looking for reception venues. We went out to the Kalamazoo Country Club, which is our most promising location since the Lawton Community Center. Once again, we forgot to bring the camera to take pictures to show.

Also, at work Bonnie had this great idea to suggest some DIY Christmas crafts using our Swarovski crystals. She put them on ornaments, candle holders, and even Christmas cards to add a unique and tasteful touch.

Anyways, I had to take pictures… It turns out that it's pretty tough to take a good product picture of a glass orb. In fact, they work like tiny convex hospital mirrors and actually show a reflection of the entire room in every shot. It was very frustrating. Fortunately for me, Bonnie had also purchased some frosted finish ornaments which were easier to photograph.

So I took the following picture, and by dumb luck it came out marvelously. I'm not much of a photographer so it was sheer luck that I happened to be reflecting the light properly to achieve this cool shot.


This is slightly photoshopped.

DIY Holiday Ornament

This is the original unaltered shot.


  1. Cool pic. In the second one (the original), the ornament under the one you focused on is all shiny-like. :P Was that what you were avoiding?

  2. That's actually a metallic finished ornament where the one I was photographing was satin finished, so as much as I would like to claim credit, they are not the same type of ornament, but yes, that is exactly what I was avoiding.