Friday, August 21


Oops, I forgot the biggest reason I wanted to post tonight. I wanted to suggest that you all check out the following link: These are too cool.

I guess these are all by a person who goes by HumanDescent check him out if you like him like I do. Awesome.

Beat Dan to It

I remember a fantastically cool post from Dan Jenkins a while back which featured an amazing graph from The Economist. This graph illustrates the US military expenditures compared to the rest of the world. Check it out in his post entitled “The Long Lost Ally”.

Well, I thought I'd beat him to this one. It's not so earth-shaping and politically charged as his was but more of a "Wow, this is twice as funny because it's on The Economist."

I have a lot to talk about obviously, since I have been remarkably absent for so many months, but those will have to wait since I am getting tired. For now let me only recommend watching this remarkable interview with Mitch Albom about the film incentives here in Michigan.