Friday, December 5

3 Things that are Small

3 things that are small… well one is about as big as you can get, but it's a small change that I'm specifically talking about. How's that for a tease?

One thing that is objectively small and insignificant is this blog. Thank you for reading, but I'm only talking to six people tops; so I'm just being realistic. However, it is its complete lack of importance which makes this anomaly so interesting. Actually, if my blog was huge, this occurrence would not surprise me at all. This occurrence - the fact that someone actually found my blog through the following search phrase "don't let your mouth make promises." Not only that but for that search phrase (including quotations), I hold the TOP TWO LISTINGS in google.

Look at what I beat! Google's own listing. How about that. What's more, that post is only about two weeks old.

Now, for me, this means nothing. But it is a proof of concept, that we can still make a mark on the world and that in some ways the internet is still the wide open. The same sort of thing happened to Chad a while back he was top dog for the search phrase "sa rnr" (San Antonio Rock and Roll marathon) and generated traffic on account of that search term. It's very cool and some special feeling to be tops on google (even for something admittedly stupid).

The second small item, I would say is even more amazing. Watch this video from a story called "It's a Small, Small World" which was featured on ABC World News Tonight. You absolutely will not believe this video.

Now the third small item, is a small change that got sneaked in with the massive redesign to youtube and google reader unveiled today. While you might have your own feelings about the redesign (particularly the youtube one which I dislike excepting the widescreen format), you probably didn't notice that you can now officially log in to youtube using your google account. The ability to link your existing youtube account with your google account just represents one more cog in the wheel of google dominance and convenience for its users.


  1. "Three things that are small" is never a good way to start a discussion on the internet, or if you were talking with Luke. Childish things that usually end with "that's what SHE said" aside, that google search ranking thing is really cool.

    I tried it with a few notable phrases from my blog and my results were mixed. I found that originality such as "The Force Unhinged" (no quotes in search field) yielded top results. Most amusingly, "My emperor i've failed you" (again with no quotes) gave me the #6 spot behind a ytmnd, two youtube videos, and the entry for Emperor Palpatine. Strange bedfellows, but hardly unexpected.

  2. Ha ha, I was going to title it 2 things that are small and one that is huge. And then my first line was going to be "Oh Yeah!" - Kool Aid man