Thursday, April 16

Serious News

Two days ago, my uncle Mike died.
Two days before that he barely struggled through his last shower.
Two days before that he drove to work like any other day.

The above timeline was inspired by the actual words of his wife, my aunt, as she described the voracity of the cancer that was in the process of consuming her 42 year old husband. I was really affected by her telling of these events, and I hoped that I could capture it so you could feel the torture and confusion that filled her words Easter day.

Last weekend, Mindy and I were working at a home show in Novi when I got a call from Stacy telling me that my uncle Mike had cancer. In fact as it turns out, he was riddled with it. His lungs, his liver, his lymph nodes, his bones.

It really exposes the future for the empty illusion that it is. Remember to keep your life in order everyday. Remind someone you love what they mean to you today because that's the last thing they might have from you.


  1. My condolences. Cancer is always tragic. Oddly, working in a cancer lab kind of . . . dissociates one from the reality of it.

    42-years-old is REALLY young for cancer. Do you know what his primary cancer (the location of the first cancer he got) was? I ask because it may be a (rare) hereditary cancer, in which case every person withing 2-degrees of relation may want to see a doctor.

    And not to scare you, but depending how related you are to your uncle (assuming he didn't marry in), then you yourself may want to ask a doctor about this at some point.

  2. Mandi and I read together. No words...we're thinking about you. Thanks for your post.


  3. Thank you guys.

    For you Alb, he is not related to me however, that is good advice for his children, because they think it is that genetic cancer.

    Also, I assume you guys learned the same way I did, but eric sauck could use some love right now.

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  5. but on a serious note, it's crazy to think how fast cancer kills a person. They will be fine one day, and dying the next. It all happens too fast