Friday, November 7

Blogging seems to be for quitters

I have embarked on the long and exciting path to quitting this blog. Back in the day, I had my first blog. It was hosted by livejournal, and I quit it. Wow, long time ago. Anyways, when I moved here to Grand Rapids, I felt a great need for connection so I thought I could blog. I threw a few posts up there which were of course about what was important in my life at that moment. My brand new shiny job. Sounds like a great plan right. But when I awoke after just one such blog and checked my email, I was shocked. As it turns out, the Internet is not quite like a real journal, because other people can read it. As I sat there in my pajama pants, I read my google alert email for "TatStore" which alerted me that google had, in the night, crawled my lowly blog to which no real person even yet had a link, and returned it to me as having relevancy to my new company. This would not do, I realized that every time I shoot my mouth off, I could be scuffing the polished finish of the place that pays my checks. So, while I grappled with the ramifications of an increasingly flat world, I let that blog die. But like any chronic quitter, I have begun again. Writing, rambling, complaining, and this shall be my way.
Cliff-hangers to encourage return visits
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  • Why "I got the day off"
  • and Why "You'll be green for my glowing red keyboard"

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