Saturday, November 8

First night of the D-Zone! wow

Oh boy do I love hockey. Mindy and I attended our first D-Zone game. D-zone is the area where the griffins play defense in the first and third periods. It's in the area of Van Andel where the stage would be if you were catching a concert there, in which case you would probably be smoking pot (which you could now legally argue was for strictly medicinal purposes)… Anyways, this section was sold as a special mini-season ticket package from 97.9 and the FreeBeer and Hotwings morning show. I thought Mindy and I could use a little time to get out and be together doing something we both love. So these kind of just fell into our laps. Another benefit of these friday night games is that for the whole stadium it is dollar beer / dollar hotdog nights, but the perk for us is that we get our own personal vendors that come down to us with the beer and the dogs. I liked the dogs, mindy didn't, but we both agreed that the buns were delicious. I am not kidding you, I think they were fresh baked, they looked like soft deli buns from Arnie's; they were good. I may or may not have had five beers though, and I may or may not have made a total idiot out of myself with FreeBeer, Hotwings, and Producer Joe RIGHT BEHIND US! It was fun. More about that still to come, as I promised Mindy I wouldn't blog past three. Hope you like my new header btw, I think it's pretty cool.

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  1. Good luck with that 3am limit. Between pondering blog topics and and Fallout 3/Fable 2/Gears of War 2, 3am is my new average.

    Oh, and I'm looking for a job during the loading screens :P