Monday, November 17

Congratualtions Chad!

Subtitle: Pimping 101 (hey I'm a marketer give me a break)

I just wanted to congratulate Chad on his marvelous performance in the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon yesterday. He truly is an inspiration for working hard and following through. Make sure to check out his blog at which doesn't yet have a new post but hopefully will soon.

Also, I'd love for any of you to check out Jackson's newest blog post where he shares his thoughts that were stirred up by the current thread of posts on personal rights and the role of government in serving those rights. (If you have some time also hop over to Dan's blog and Bunkley's blog for some "Big Three" bail-out editorials which are quite tangential to my post but really much more timely and educational, I found both very convincing).

Lastly, feel free to take a look at my post this week on using bookmarks effectively.

Anyways, love you all.

My pick this week is This Ain't Hollywood by Silence is Sexy. Specifically grab the title track, very nice.

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