Thursday, March 26

Why I'm Happy I Didn't Go to Harvard

Check this out. A Harvard Economist's explanation of how Twitter caused this economic meltdown.

My response is best explained by the following XKCD comic.

Correlation by XKCD


  1. Wtf, sigh, how statistics is misused. -_-

    <3 the XKCD though. :D

  2. Ok guys, you might want to note that the first "related link" is entitled "Internet Hoax Psychology." Seriously, get those BS detectors checked and give Harvard a tiny bit of credit.

    Also Benn your comment login system doesn't work at all for me, not sure if others have this experience.


  3. Haha, thanks Jackson. :D I need to be more cognizant sometimes.

    I think if you click "Google Account" under the "Comment as" thing, it should default to your Google account. I've had issues in the past.

  4. Fine, so fooled again by an internet hoax, it's not the first time, and it won't be the last. I saw a link to it from a web design blog on I obviously missed the sarcasm.

    I'm still glad I went to Michigan though.