Tuesday, March 24

1337 sauce

Subtitle: Hilarious Geek Joke

So, I'm just going to show you a picture I took at Meijer today, because my horribly geeky friends will think it's hilarious, I'll explain it to the rest of you after that.

Hilarious Geek Joke

So, I found this at Meijer tonight way way way in the back, on the discounted alcohol rack. Anyways, that's about a thirty dollar bottle of alcohol, but as you can see someone printed a pricetag for it at 999.99. Which is funny of course, but it's extra funny because geeks about my age use the number 999 to stand for infinity. Basically, it comes from many video games which don't exceed three digits in certain critical categories like hit points, energy, damage, …etc. So if you are at 999, you have reached the absolute pinnacle of achievement, and your powers are nigh godlike. Therefore, we can use 999 to substitute for and denote all other superlatives.

For example:

“After working through the night last night, my boss gave me a 999 raise.
Big roll for mad l00ts!”

Of course this is extra comical because I'm fairly confident that this alcohol is gross and completely unrefined. I didn't take a picture of it, but the pricetag on the Jose Cuervo tequila Cocoa said 99.99, and it's a whopping $14.95 bottle. It's always cool to find these Easter Eggs.

I'll see if I can get 999 added to UrbanDictionary.com. I'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. Gah, one more nine in front of the decimal and we could say the price: "IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Either way, that is some expensive booze as marked.