Thursday, March 5

Mindy's Radio Fame

So travel back in time with me to an episode from last month maybe two weeks ago.

Well as it happens, I am sitting at work, as normal on a Thursday night, when I get an IM from Mindy who is usually doing what ever she can to not kill herself from boredom in her late COMM class. This instant message was pretty unusual however, as it read "OMG! It's Len O'Kelly. Golden throat is here in our class talking to us! OMG! I can't believe it."

The Most Stunning Eyes in the World

Okay, so we have to peddle the way-back machine a little while further.

Len O'Kelly is a morning show host on a local oldies station. He works with FreeBeer and HotWings in their radio cluster with a few other morning shows. Anyway, at one point FreeBeer and HotWings had him in their studio to do what is called "ramping" a record. That's where DJ's attempt to "hit the post" which is fill airtime with interesting information, and stop talking exactly when the first lyrics are beginning. So one day, when they got some new mics they decided Len O'Kelly, who they affectionately refer to as "Golden Throat," should try out the mics. (Sidenote: he was awesome).

Flash forward to Mindy's class. She's losing her mind - starstruck. When I finally got home she was still pumped up about running into a local celebrity! She decided that she simply had to write an e-mail into FreeBeer and HotWings relaying her experience.

When we woke up Friday morning, I wanted to get to work because we would be leaving early for the D-Zone game, but she said she absolutely had to check her e-mail to see if any of the guys responded. I was alerted by a shrill chirp that FreeBeer had in fact responded.

The rest of the day unfolded without much incident, until we arrived at the game.

As it turned out, the Griffins decided to enforce two hands, two beers rule, which caused quite a commotion when the "beer she-nazi" would come down to us and confiscate unmanned or over-the-limit beers. This forced FreeBeer to spend most of his time talking with the fans in our row about the incident. I of course had some opinions about that situation, so after talking to him about that, I knew that I could embarrass Mindy by bringing up that she was the one who had sent the e-mail the night before about Len O'Kelly. To Mindy's great surprise, he informed us that they had actually READ HER E-MAIL on the air, while they had Len in studio that morning.

That brings us to the following, enjoy.

If the above player, doesn't work click here: Mindy's Email

Pay special attention to the fact that Zane muses that she sounds "rather smitten" and FreeBeer announces very softly at the end "writes Mindy."

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  1. I suppose I was pretty starstruck. lol thank you for thoroughly embarrassing me :)

    i love you