Tuesday, May 19

Ask and You Shall Receive

So things have been going pretty good for me recently, just wanted to share my cornucopia of blessings.

Last weekend, and the one before, I had the distinct pleasure of using Dave's grill. I have not really been able to grill much in a safe environment for tasting, but I've been really excited about the flavors that you can bring out with a grill and an open flame. Two weeks ago, I made about a billion barbecued chicken breasts, with a monstrous side of potatoes and onions and colored bell peppers, also done on the grill, while inside Mindy and Julie helped me to prepare pork pot-stickers (which as it turns out Mindy and Joshe love… ask them). So I seemed to have not messed that up too bad, as everyone seemed to enjoy it.

So I decided to try a little more adventuring on the grill this last Saturday. I made six Hawaiian chickens (teriyaki chicken with grilled pineapples like I love at Logan's). Also, six more with a super secret ingredient which I cannot yet divulge. I also grilled half inch slabs of red onions marinated in the Hawaiian chicken marinade, and super yummy bushels of asparagus. If that wasn't enough, I boiled corn on the cob and finished it on the grill. I learned a lot from this experience, not the least of which is that gazillions of asparagus are hard to keep from falling down through vertical grates when you have so many to watch. Also, the Harding's on 9th street, however friendly a market, is not a good place to shop for meat or produce.

Wrapping up, I had a lot of fun, and I was very thankful to Dave for sharing his grill and utensils with me, and I can't wait to grill more. I actually told him that I was thinking that I might need to go out and grab a little charcoal grill to leave in my garage for grilling on weekends. I told him though that I'm going to have to wait because I'm trying to not buy anything that I don't absolutely need for one year. Of course, a few things that I will not be surrendering are good food, golfing, and Griffin's tickets. Things I will be giving up or severely cutting back on computer parts, dvds ([cry] Quantum of Solace), eating out at lunch, extravagent purses, and everything that Mindy likes. In the words of Lord __________ (a movie villian), "That is a sacrifice that I am willing to make."

As always, please comment with either the name to fill in the blank or another quote from this movie, so others can keep playing.

Long story short, as is never true with me, I came home and found a sunbeam gas grill - big one - sitting next to the garbage, as someone had moved out that weekend. I haven't had a chance to see if it the propane delivery system works, but I can at least convert it to a charcoal grill if I wanted to. I was amazed at how my needs are provided for.

In addition to grilling, Mindy and I fell in love with our future wedding location. You should read all about it on her post about it. I would ask you to remember that we have not put any money down yet, so don't get too excited about the date which Mindy haphazardly posted therein. But the pictures really don't even do it justice, and I think Mindy's pictures are quite stunning. It just really blew us both away, but I'll let Min explain that to you.


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