Monday, May 17

[ Fast ] Food Fight!

Our epic fast food saga continues here at…

I just wanted to report on a new development in the competition for my singles. Taco Bell has just introduced an all new $2 Meal Deals Menu - featuring a burrito, a bag of Doritos, and a 20oz drink.

In my opinion you just can't beat that, although Wendy's, McDonald's, and Burger King have all brought it strong to the more food for less party.

[ Fast ] Food Fight
Taco Bell$2Gordita Supreme, 20oz Drink, DoritosBaja Blast?!
Wendy's$2.99Small Chicken Sandwich, 16oz Drink, Small FriesBacon… Frosty…
McDonald's$2.97McChicken, Small Fries, Any Size DrinkSweet Tea!!!!
Burger King$2.97Buck Double, Small Fries, 16oz Drink100% better than McDouble
Long John Silver's$1.98Baja Fish Taco, 6 Hush PuppiesFish Tacos are really tasty

As you can see, that is some serious competition which is good for us all. In my opinion, Taco Bell comes out clearly on top. With their Baja Blast (which I still don't think they Market very well) and their choices of a chicken burrito with green sauce, beef gordita supreme, cheesy beefy five layer burrito, and double decker taco you just can't lose. But if you do need a day north of the border, make sure to venture out to burger king to try their new buck double or junior whopper and to LJS to try the baja fish taco before they're gone.

- Signed an incredibly geeky (and cheap) food lover


  1. I love TBELL! Here's my 2 cents. "What's up Stephanie? How you doin today? 89 cents is what we're gonna pay. Say hello to Bobby, he's in the back seat. 'Steph, give me somethin big, with a bunch of beef!'" Cool post, Benjamin! If I didn't just eat your homemade mac n cheese I'd probably ask you to go with me to grab a delicious baja blast or sweet tea!

  2. You need to add the Whataburger Honey BBQ Chicken Strip sandwich to your list of tastyness. Although it would not fall into the cheap category, but it is awesome!!! You need to add one last element to your list - calories. It would be interesting to see how many calories each of these meal deals have.

  3. I've still never eating at a Taco Bell. Nor have I eaten at Long John Silver (I don't even think there is one near me).

  4. You're missing out @Alb. And Calories is a really good idea, @Star Wars Runner. I'll get that up.

  5. You've done more marketing for the Baja Blast than I've seen from Taco Bell themselves.

    Not on the same price level, but I discovered the off-menu two-cheeseburger combo at McDonald's yesterday...those of you who enjoy those little three bites of goodness might appreciate knowing it exists.